Chinese People Create A New Viral Meme Involving 4 Generations Of Family Members And Its Adorable

There are many people who are fortunate enough to have their grandparents and even great-grandparents alive and well. So why not share this joy with others? A new meme went viral in China where people proudly show 4 generations of their family. These videos start with a woman calling out her mother, and when her mother appears she calls her mother who also shows up in the video, the same was repeated with men who calls their fathers.

Here’s how people reacted

Image credits: kassy cho

Image credits: CatherineShu

Image credits: A2Laura

Image credits: missperkygoth

Image credits: supergeeee

Image credits: BenjaminRaber

Image credits: momgoblin_

Image credits: suzjdean

Image credits: thekleptocracy

Image credits: birtub

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