Somebody unearthed a Legend of Zelda map drawn by their awesome gamer grandma


Popular culture may lead you to believe that grandmas are older gals who like to make cookies and knit hats, but we know some grandmas are different.

Some grandmas are badass gamers. A redditor going by the username Plausible__Bullshit shared a photo that’ll be familiar to gamers who played back in the early days before we had the luxury of game guides and maps. It’s a level map to Ganon’s castle in The Legend of Zelda that this person’s gamer grandma hand-drew on graph paper. Awesome.

According to the post, “My grandma was a hardcore gamer well into her late 80’s, until her arthritis made it impossible to hold a controller. She drew this map and took notes before strategy guides existed.”

Not only was this grandma awesome, she inspired her grandkid’s future career. The redditor says they’re currently in school to become a narrative director for video games. The post seemed to warm a lot of hearts, and inspired other redditors to suggest the map belongs in a museum or published in a classic game map anthology.

“The OG strategy guide and cookbook,” Plausible__Bullshit suggests. “Written by Grandma. All proceeds can go to help fatten kids up everywhere.”

Where do we sign up for our copy?

H/T PlayDeadPodcast

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